My Takeaways On the First Third of the Season

by: Andrew Teaster @dateas1350

With the season being a third of the way over, there have been some very exciting things happen and some that are shocking.  

We have teams in first place that no one thought would be there.  We have defending league champs struggling to get above .500.  There are players that are coming into the league that are under the age of 20 and are leading their teams to wins.  All in all, it has been a pretty crazy start of the season.

Here are my takeaways from the early part of the season so far.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have struggled early this season, between injuries and their pitching not being as good as it was last year. They are playing a ton better with Justin Turner returning to the lineup, but if they cannot get Clayton Kershaw on track when he returns from injury then this may be a lost season.

Staying in LA, how about what the Angels are doing? Specifically Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout.  Ohtani has been really good on the mound and he has not been terrible at the plate.  Speaking of not terrible at the plate, Trout is crushing homers, leading both leagues and not looking back.

The entire American League Central has been horrible.

The Cleveland Indians just started to pull away recently, but no one knows how long that will last.  All the other teams are at least six games under .500 and not looking like they can string together anything substantial.

The Milwaukee Brewers are building on what they did for most of the year last year, but the National League Central is still up for grabs for everyone except for the Cincinnati Reds. This division will be really fun to watch the rest of the season.

The A.L. East is being controlled by the two teams that we thought would. 

The Boston Red Sox have relied heavily on the bats of Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez, who are tearing it up.  The New York Yankees are playing very well under first-year manager Aaron Boone despite Giancarlo Stanton struggling.  They are getting great contributions for other players, including Gleyber Torres who was called up in late April.

The N.L. East is about as crazy as any other division.  

The New York Mets started off really hot but have since fallen back behind the Washington NationalsBryce Harper has been playing really well in a contract year and Max Scherzer is being the same Cy Young type pitcher he has been in years past.  The Philadelphia Phillies have surprised a lot of people by hanging around at the top of the division and if their pitching and young hitters can keep it up they will be somewhere around there at the end of the year. Speaking of young hitters, the baby Atlanta Braves have been on fire since the call-up of Ronald Acuna Jr, but if they want to be around at the end of the year they will need more help with their pitching.

If the rest of the season is as hectic and unpredictable as the start of it, then it is going to be extremely entertaining.  

Teams will be getting future help out of the draft next week. We still have two months till the trade deadline, which will be when the season will get really exciting. I look forward to seeing the rest of the season play out right alongside all of you.

What are your thoughts on the season so far? What has surprised you? What predictions do you have for the rest of the season? Let us know in the comments below!

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