Professional Baseball Players For Sale in Kansas City

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by: Eric Boston @EricBoston3

Jon Heyman recently posted a story that declared the Kansas City Royals “open for trade business.”

According to Heyman the Royals are “letting other teams know they expect to have a “for sale” sign up soon.” The article also included a quote from General Manager Dayton Moore saying that the team needed to be open to anything, but not rush at the same time.

The Kansas City Royals have crashed hard and fast since winning a World Series championship in 2015. After finding ways to remain around .500 the last two seasons, this year’s squad is a bit of a dumpster fire. The team is struggling to stay out of the basement in the worst division (and it is not close) in baseball. Losing key players in Eric Hosmer and Lorenzo Cain made the outlook bleak, but on paper, the roster actually didn’t look bad as Kansas City began 2018.

Moore was able to bring back fan-favorite Mike Moustakas after the third baseman drew virtually zero interest during free agency. The team also added veteran players in Jon Jay and Lucas Duda (in an attempt to replace Hos and LoCain).

Even with doing the best he could to patch the holes in the roster, Moore had to know that a fire sale was a strong possibility by the time the trade deadline approached.

Heyman lists closer Kelvin Herrera and Moustakas as the two most likely pieces for the team to move. Herrera has had a nice season so far after struggling a bit in the closer’s role last season. Moose is proving that his career year in 2017 wasn’t a fluke and is still hitting the ball out of the yard with good regularity.

As a Royals fan, I never want to see players depart, be it through trades or free agency, but it is part of the business of baseball. The team has several assets who could possibly bring back decent returns to boost a rebuilding effort. Danny Duffy, Ian Kennedy, and Jason Hammel are all starters who have had success throughout their careers. A playoff team who needs to bolster their staff (Yankees) could see these guys as viable options.

The new guys in Jay and Duda should definitely be available and draw varying degrees of interest.

There are two names however that makes Royals fans squeamish when they are brought up, Whit Merrifield and Salvador Perez

It is believed that the team discussed Merrifield with other organizations over the off-season. It is understandable why teams would have interest in the second baseman. He can play multiple positions, hits well, steals bases, and is playing during his prime on a rookie pay scale. I’m sure there is a demand, but the one thing that should keep Merrifield in Kansas City is the team’s own value of him.

Moore should expect and accept nothing less than a haul for Merrifield. He is not in a position where there is a threat to lose the player soon with no compensation, so ask for the moon and see if anyone is willing to ante up. The case for trading or holding on to Perez is not quite as simple.

Salvy is the unquestioned leader of this team. Since returning from the disabled list he has proven that fact. Like Merrifield, he is under team control for multiple seasons, plays a premium position and excels with the bat. The big difference is that those years of control are at a much higher price tag. He also has a lot of miles on his knees as he plays more innings at catcher, for the last several years, than anyone in the majors. A position change to first could be a real possibility at some point in order to extend his career.

Sal would also bring back the greatest return of anyone on the Kansas City roster. So do you consider dealing your All-Star backstop if you are Moore? It comes down to the question of do you believe the team can contend soon enough for Perez to be a part of that puzzle?

With the next wave of contending prospects getting closer to the Double-A level it is possible, but far from a certainty.

I would hate to see Salvy dealt, but I also hated seeing Zack Greinke being traded. That ended up working out pretty well.

Kansas City is going to be one team that can shape the trade deadline this year and is worth watching.

Then again, if the team can tap into its greatest potential, maybe they could make things interesting in a very weak division.

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