By The Numbers: Team War

by: Andy Zsiga @zsiga_andy

While taking a look at the leaders in individual WAR for the season, I stumbled upon some interesting statistics. 

Sometimes it can be interesting to look at various ways teams are performing, and in this article, we are going to take a look at the total WAR for all the teams. If your team is doing well, you can revel in its success, and if it is doing poorly, you can hang your head and yell sweet nothings at your device. The numbers we are looking at were pulled from Baseball Reference on May 27, 2018.

After you have had a few minutes to gloat or mourn, let's take a deeper dive into the numbers here.

The question I have immediately is what teams are overperforming or underperforming their team WAR? To identify that, I have taken all the team WARs and ranked them by their winning percentage here.

The most interesting teams based off of this list are the Phillies, Rockies, Mariners, and Cubs.

The Phillies, Mariners, and Rockies seem to be both outperforming the WAR they have earned this year and, while this could even out, it seems that the Phillies offensively are riding Odubel Herrera and Cesar Hernandez. Really they depend on their pitching to help them win, and as long as the pitching continues to pan out, pitching wins baseball games.

The Mariners, on the other hand, seem to have a very balanced attack, and they hope to outlast the rest of the non-Houston based teams in the AL West.

The Rockies have been deceivingly better offensively than it looks, but they have received a lot of negative position player WAR this year. DJ LeMahieu has only played 32 games this year but is second in position player WAR. If the Rockies even out the performance of their position players while maintaining the performance of their pitchers, they could make a real run. Of course, they could just as easily drop off into nothingness.

The Cubs are the team whose war seems to be doing less for them than any other team. 

Without delving too deeply into their record (which is not terrible), the Cubs have had a lot of great years from their players Three out of five of their starters have been at best okay this year. I would expect the underperforming pitching talent in the Cubs to improve, and it would not be very surprising to see them make a big run by the end of the year.

A couple of random things from this data is that Miami's pitching is recklessly bad. It just doesn't seem right to see Baltimore's position players with a negative WAR.

There may be many more things to glean from this data, but I am going to leave any more discussion of this data to you. What do you take from the numbers? Give your input in the comments.

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