Expansion Team(s)!

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by: Andrew Teaster @dateas1350

Like Eric Boston said in his piece about Russell Wilson if he does, in fact, bring an MLB  team to Portland then there will need to be a second expansion team.  

There are many cities that would love to have a baseball team to cheer on.  Let us take a look at a few cities that I think would make a great new home for the next expansion team.

Las Vegas
Vegas has added a hockey and football team recently, so why not add a baseball team? The City of Lights could look to add a few more if Portland gets a team.  If they could pull this off Las Vegas could be more entertainment than gambling.

They had a team once upon a time before they left for Washington.  There is not a whole lot of professional sports teams north of the border.  The time could be now for another team to join that list.

The Midwest city has a football and a basketball team.  They also have the Indianapolis Speedway so adding an MLB team could be the next step in the puzzle for Indy.  They are die hards and would support a team just like they support their other franchises.

Another Team in Texas
There are only two teams in Texas.  With that state as big as it is you would think there would be way more.  You can make a real argument for any of the big cities of the Lone Star State.  Houston and Arlington have teams already, but cities like San Antonio and Austin could be great landing spots for a new MLB team.

A Tennessee Team
Tennessee has a football, basketball, and hockey team. It would only make sense for them to add a baseball team to Memphis or Nashville.  Both cities have a lot to offer for an MLB franchise and would make a great fit.

New Orleans
The city has been through some crazy stuff in the past 13 years.  They had to rebuild from practically nothing.  They have a football and basketball team that the people of the city care deeply for and I think they would do the same for a baseball team.

These are some of the cities that I think could be a great fit for another expansion team if there needs to be another. 

What do you think about my list? Which city or cities would you put on a shortlist for an expansion team? Leave your comments below!

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