Former MLB Pitchers in the News

Photo Credit: Jake Roth, USA Today
by: Andrew Teaster @dateas1305

There are always questions in the back of people's mind when they see someone fall from grace. 

This has come to my mind twice the last week with former MLB pitchers.  One was in the Minors and the other is pitching in the Independents now. Those two pitchers are Mat Latos and Aaron Laffey.

Laffey had been a journeyman in the show for eight years pitching for numerous teams. 

He struggled to get anything going on the mound regardless of where he played.  His career came to an end last week when pitching for a Mets minor league affiliate. He gave up 14 runs in three-plus innings.  His career started off pretty promising then went down the drain.  Imagine what could have been if he would have gone to college instead of signing a free agent contract with the Indians.

Staying in Ohio there is another pitcher, that came to national limelight with the Reds, that was in the news over the weekend.

Latos, pitching for an independent team, threw a fastball over the head of a batter and started a brawl to end all brawls (if you have not seen the video you can see it here).  His career is a bit different from Laffey as Latos had pretty decent success, even though he pitched for quite a few teams as well. 

What could have happened if he would have stayed healthy?

One can only imagine what former MLB pitcher will be in the news next.  Will it be someone we all remember or someone that was not as good? Only time will tell.

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