Greatest Rivalries in Baseball

Photo Credit: Jom Davis, Boston Globe

by: Andrew Teaster @dateas1350

There are rivalries in every sport. Some are really heated and others barely have feelings toward one another.  We are going to take a look the MLB's most heated rivalries.

Cubs vs Cards

The Route 66 rivalry has gone on for what seems like forever. These two teams put on some great games even when a team is not very good. What makes this a great rivalry is the fans. The visiting fans travel very well. The only thing that is not close in this rivalry is the World Series titles which the Cardinals have a very clear edge in. Regardless of the titles, both teams clearly hate each other.

Giants vs Dodgers

This is another great rivalry that has spanned over decades. It started when the teams were both in New York City and has continued as they moved to California.  This is a very close rivalry when it comes to wins. The Giants have more World Series titles recently and hold the number of wins over the Dodgers. The fans of both teams get very heated when talking about the other team.

Red Sox vs Yankees

This is one of the best rivalries in all of sports. These teams are battling for the AL East title year after year. These two teams absolutely hate each other. Being a fan of one of these teams ruins relationships, friendships, and families.

Final Thoughts

I know I didn't cover all of the rivalries out there. These are the main ones for me.  Which rivalries should I have covered? What are your favorite ones? Any other comments or remarks? Leave them in the comments below.

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