He Injured Himself How?????

Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune

by: Andrew Teaster @dateas1350

Injuries are a part of any sport, but baseball players seem to find the craziest ways to hurt themselves. From sneezing to putting on clothes, players hurt themselves in some truly weird ways. Let us take a look at some of the most insane ways some Major League Baseball players have hurt themselves.

Trevor Bauer sliced his finger with his drone.  He had stitches and still pitched in the playoffs. Some people are not so lucky when they hurt themselves.

Will Smith tore a ligament in his knee when he was taking off his cleats after a game.

Hunter Pence once hurt himself walking through a closed sliding glass door.

There have been several hurt by their suitcases, which the fact that there is more than one is crazy to me.

David Price went on the DL earlier this year due to carpal tunnel which the Red Sox think is because he was playing a video game.  He is not the only player who has been hurt by playing games either.

Matt Harvey once got a bladder infection from holding it in too long.  

Most recently Brandon Morrow hurt his back by taking his pants off.

The list could go on and on, but as a former player, I do not want to further embarrass my fellow players by telling more stories of how they stupidly hurt themselves.

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  1. A few more interesting ones:
    A few years ago, Derek Holland missed an entire season because he tripped over his dog and fell down the stairs.
    Martin Perez broke his elbow because a bull knocked him over.