The Diamond in the Rough of the Braves Draft

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by: Andrew Teaster

With the 862nd pick, in the 29th round, the Braves selected Ray Hernandez out of Alabama State.  These words made a dream come true for a very special young man. 

Ray Hernandez grew up in Orlando, Florida where he went to High School at Colonial High. 

He originally signed to play baseball at UCF but something happened and he went to Alabama State where he thrived as a sophomore. He struggled in his junior year before working his butt off and coming back and having a stellar senior season.  He graduated with a major in Psychology. 

He knows how to work hard and it shows.

He was one of three SWAC players that were drafted in the 2018 MLB draft.  He holds multiple school records on his way to the Braves. 

This guy is going to be a very special player for them.

He is not some teenager that has to go through a lot of minor league baseball before he is ready for the bigs.  He could be ready in a few years if the options at third do not pan out for the Braves.  They will also be trying him out at first base and in the outfield.

This guy is a ballplayer and will do absolutely do anything to help the ballclub and this is why to me that he is one of the best picks that the Braves had in this draft. I look forward to watching him play and grow as a player over the next several years.

This kid has a very exciting future and I am glad my Atlanta Braves selected him so I can follow his progress.

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