The Rise of Austin Allen

Photo Credit: Eric Boston | Out of the Pen Baseball

by: Ryan Cameron @RyanCameron22

As some of you begin to read this article, a lot of you are going to have the same question in your head. “Who the world is Austin Allen?” 

Well, don’t worry guys that’s what I’m here for. Austin Allen is a St. Louis native and catcher in the San Diego Padres organization, currently playing for the Double-A affiliate San Antonio Missions. One thing I can promise everyone, he’s not going to be there long.

Allen has been on a tear since being called up to San Antonio getting Texas League Player of the Month Honors in April. 

He is currently hitting .318 with 16 doubles, 12 home runs, and 26 RBI’s through 50 games. His quick hands, raw power, and abilities behind the plate are soon going to land him with a team who desperately needs a catcher in the San Diego Padres.

The one thing I keep hearing from everyone is what a hard worker he is and how dedicated to the game of baseball he is. 

Watching him in person, I could see how much the game meant to him with not just his success on the field but also his failures on the field. I could see the happiness of the home runs he hit and the pure anger of the strikeouts. The kid has a fire to him to prove he is good enough to play professional baseball. He doesn’t care that he played his college baseball at the Florida Institute of Technology or that he wasn’t a first-round pick. I get the feeling he doesn’t care if you think he’s good enough to make it to the Padres - because he believes he is and won’t stop until he gets there.  

 Speaking of people believing in him, the home-state player from St. Louis brought a cheering section with him to Springfield, Missouri. 

Austin had over 40 friends and family members with him at Hammons Field including his grandparents who drove all the way from Florida. I spoke with his wonderful parents Mike and Kim Allen about the success he’s had and what it’s been like watching him play in his home state.

I believe Austin Allen has the skill, mindset, and ability to play Major League Baseball. 

There is a reason why I am talking about him and it’s because the kid is flat out talented. In my opinion, you’re going to see him in San Diego and I personally believe it’s going to be sooner rather than later. As Austin and his father, Mike, might say, “We're taking it day by day and just trusting the process.”

You can check out our interview with Austin Allen below:

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