Everyday I'm Not Hustling!!!

Photo Credit: Jim Davis | Boston Globe

by: Andrew Teaster @dateas13

What is wrong with baseball players these days? 

They do not run ground balls out if they think they will be thrown out. If they think they hit the ball out of the park they start their trots way before knowing it went out for sure. 

This is not the baseball I know and love. 

Playing baseball growing up, I was taught to run everything out and to hustle on and off the field.  When I watched baseball on tv that’s exactly what I saw, players doing those things. What kind of role models are these players being when there are hundreds of kids watching them in person and thousands watching at home. 

Bad Examples

Bryce Harper is one of the main players I have seen doing this. He hits a grounder and barely jogs down to first. How does he know if the fielder is going to field it cleanly or if he does not make a good throw to first?  All he has to do is run harder to first base because you never know what could happen. His poor attitude has seemingly passed on to his teammates. 

Trea Turner was trying to bunt for a hit in a game this past week and as soon as he laid it down and the pitcher fielded it he just took his helmet off and started walking toward his position.

It has cost teams a chance to win games. 

Gary Sanchez not hustling, not once but twice, cost the Yankees a game this week. He got crossed up with the pitcher and had a ball get by him with a runner on second. He just kind of jogged toward the ball while the runner moved to third and did not stop. Then with the game on the line in the ninth inning, he hits a ball up the middle and just barely jogged to first while the middle infielders tried to get the runner at second and when that did not work out they still had time to throw Sanchez out at first and end the game.

Run it Out

This is one of the big problems with baseball today. I get it, it’s a long season, but come on at least try and run it out especially if your team is in the hunt for a playoff spot. 

If I was a coach a lot of these players would be riding the bench for a few games. 

How do you feel about the players not running out ground balls or hustling on the field?

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