First Round Picks that Fail to Sign

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by: Andrew Teaster @dateas1350

The Braves and first round pick Carter Stewart did not come to terms on a contract before a deadline that was set.  

This is due to some injuries that Stewart might have had.  Stewart was drafted out of high school and had committed to Mississippi State University before getting drafted. 

I, for one, do not like that this has happened, because now the Braves had a top ten pick get away -even though they will get a compensatory pick next year.  This kid might have been a great piece to what looks to be a bright future for the Braves. 

I know it is just one pick, but it would not hurt so much if it was a pick lower in the draft.  

Stewart was the eighth overall pick and that will not be replaced very easily.  Sure if he was a player coming from college that we could have seen in the near future it would have been worse. 

The Braves will find pitching and with their potential of two first round picks next year when the top end of the draft is loaded with very good bats so to get two of those would be awesome.

In the end this may not be as bad as it looks right now and the Braves might have saved themselves in the long run.

The Braves were not the only ones that did not sign their first round picks though.  

The Diamondbacks failed to sign Matt McLain, a short stop from high school that will be going to UCLA in the fall.  The Dodgers also failed to sign their first round pick from the high school rank.  J.T. Ginn is a right handed pitcher.  He will be joining Stewart at Mississippi State.

What do you think? Is the gamble of not being able to sign a player worth it? Should teams focus on college prospects, especially in the top ten of the draft? Let us know in the comments.

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