Manny Machado to Cleveland?

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by: Ryan Cameron @RyanCameron22

There's currently a lot of talk on where Manny Machado will be traded to. One team that has been mentioned with regards to his future home is the Cleveland Indians. 

OTPB Eric Boston (@EricBoston3) recently named Machado as Baltimore's top trade chip but did not list Cleveland as a best fit to acquire him. To see that article you can click here. Could relocating to OH-IO be a viable option?

I think this could be a bad decision for the Tribe - but I also believe this could be a great spot for him...for a half a year anyway! I'll give you reasons for both.

This fit makes sense for the Indians if they want to seriously contend for a World Series and it could also make sense or Machado.

Machado would be able to play with his brother-in-law, Yonder Alonzo and contend for a championship. The Indians could slide Jose Ramirez to his natural position of second base and it would give Cleveland three of the American League's top players in the same infield. The problem is of course, what would they have to give up for him?

By sliding Ramirez over to second, you are basically saying goodbye to longtime Indian Jason Kipnis, and a few prospects on top of that. 

I don't particularly like this because Machado will be a rental player due to him wanting to play shortstop full-time. Francisco Lindor isn't going anywhere. So, if you get rid of Kipnis, what are you going to do next year? Yes, you would have over $14 million off the books for next season and could hit free agency in the offseason to grab a second baseman, but Jason is a fan favorite in Cleveland and I don't know if I could see the Tribe giving him up for a rental player like Machado.

The other reason why I would not be crazy about this is because the Indians need pitching in the worst way. 

Danny Salazar is out for the season and the bullpen has been a train wreck this year.

Shane Bieber has had a great season thus far and is off to a 4-0 start with a 2.97 ERA, but I still believe the Tribe should go after a veteran starter for experience alone. It's also rumored that Cleveland has been scouting the Miami Marlins bullpen, so you should defiantly see them make some moves for bullpen help.

It's hard to turn away from a player like Machado, but I think this is one trade the Cleveland Indians need to stay away from. 

If he was willing to play third base and the Tribe could lock him up long term, it would be a different story. The Indians should go after pitching and outfield help during the trade deadline. Unless they could get Machado for cheap, which is very unlikely, you are not going to see Machado in Cleveland.

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