NL All-Star Rosters Announced

by: Ryan Cameron @ryancameron22

Here are your 2018 National League All-Stars


C: Wilson Contreas 1st Selection
Chicago Cubs .287 7 HR 34 RBI

1B Freddie Freeman: 3rd Selection
Atlanta Braves .310 16 HR 58 RBI

2B Javier Biaz: 1st Selection
Chicago Cubs .294 17 HR 63 RBI

SS Brandon Crawford: 2nd Selection
San Francisco Giants .300 10 HR 39 RBI

3B Nolan Arenado: 4th Selection
Colorado Rockies .306 22 HR 63 RBI

OF Nick Markakis: 1st Selection
Atlanta Braves .324 10 HR 59 RBI

OF Matt Kemp: 3rd Selection
Los Angeles Dodgers . 317 15 HR 57 RBI

OF Bryce Harper: 6th Selection
Washington Nationals .219 21 HR 50 RBI


C- Buster Posey- 6th Selection- San Francisco Giants
C- J.T. Realmuto- 1st Selection- Miami Marlins
1B- Joey Votto- 6th Selection- Cincinnati Reds
1B- Paul Goldschmidt- 6th Selection- Arizona Diamondbacks
2B- Scooter Gennett- 1st Selection- Cincinnati Reds
2B- Ozzie Albies- 1st Selection- Atlanta Braves
SS- Trevor Story- 1st Selection- Colorado Rockies
3B- Eugenio Suarez- 1st Selection- Cincinnati Reds
OF- Lorenzo Cain- 2nd Selection- Milwaukee Brewers
OF- Christian Yelich- 1st Selection- Milwaukee Brewers
OF- Charlie Blackmon- 3rd Selection- Colorado Rockies


SP Max Scherzer: 6th Selecion
Washington Nationals 11-5 2.33 ERA 177 K

SP Jacob deGrom: 2nd Selection
New York Mets 5-4 1.79 ERA 142 K

SP Jon Lester: 5th Selection
Chicago Cubs 11-2, 2.45 ERA, 81 K

SP Aaron Nola:1st Selection
Philadelphia Phillies 11-2 2.41 ERA 116 K

SP Patrick Corbin: 2nd Selection
Arizona Diamondbacks 6-3 3.05 ERA 140 K

SP Mike Foltynewicz: 1st Selection
Atlanta Braves 6-5 2.37 ERA 114 K

SP Miles Mikolas: 1st Selection
St. Louis Cardinals 9-3 2.63 ERA 75 K

RP Josh Hader: 1st Selection
Milwaukee Brewers 2-0  1.21 ERA 83 K 7 Saves

RP Kenley Jansen: 3rd Selection
Los Angeles Dodgers 0-2 2.34 ERA 45 K 24 Saves

RP Sean Doolittle: 2nd Selection
Washington Nationals 3-2 1.45 ERA 49 K 22 Saves

RP Brad Hand: 2nd Selection
San Diego Padres 1-4 3.05 ERA 61 K 24 Saves

RP Felipe Vazquez: 1st Selection
Pittsburg Pirates 3-2 3.38 ERA 51 K 18 Saves

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