Tebow Time in New York?

by: Andrew Teaster @dateas1350

Let's face it when the Mets signed Tim Tebow everyone thought it was a publicity stunt. 

With me being a Braves fan, I was ecstatic that they did because that meant they were spending money on a former college football star.  Let's just say I may have been a little too giddy.

Tebow is in his second year and he is thriving in Double-A.

In his first season, Tebow played for the Mets Single-A teams in Columbia and Port St. Lucie. He hit .226 with eight homers. 

The ticket sales for both of these teams were astronomically better than they had been in the past, due to a former Heisman winner trying to keep his athletic career alive.  His struggles came to no one's surprise and many thought that his career in baseball may have been done before it really started.

This year Tebow got an invitation to Spring Training but struggled in his 18 at-bats. 

The Mets sent him to Binghamton where he had been hitting.256 but has been on fire in his last 18 games hitting .321.  

He has been seeing the ball great lately, but still has trouble with the off-speed pitches.  This is a given, he has not played a lot of baseball since his junior year of high school.  Even though he is doing well it makes my heart happy to know that the Mets are wasting a roster spot on a broadcaster.  Yes, he still works at ESPN during the fall, that is until he gets called up.

With all that said, if the Mets continue to have issues and struggle, could we see Tim Tebow in a Mets uniform this season?

I say if he continues his hot streak, there is a chance we see him called up before September. It's more likely that you would see him up during the September call-ups. If the Mets continue to lose, what would be the harm in selling a few extra tickets and giving him a shot?

What do you think? Will he be called up this year? Will the Mets just use this to get some publicity?  Do they actually think Tim Tebow can help out the club in the future?

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