To DH or Not To DH

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by: Andrew Teaster @dateas13

Last week it came out that the MLBPA saying that a DH in both leagues is getting closer to being a done deal. 

For some, this is a long time coming. Others are not sure. It could be great for the game, but it could also be devastating.

The Upside

A lot of people think it could be great for the game.

People that are worried about pitchers getting hurt, running the bases and swinging the bat, typically are for the league-wide DH. Taking the pitcher out of the batting order would be a huge weight lifted for managers worrying about their players.

This also helps with putting more offense in the game. 

Without a mostly for-sure out at the bottom of the order, it would make the game a lot more strategic in the late innings of a close game not having to consider taking out a good reliever when they are dealing.

Bringing the DH to both leagues would make things pretty easy for managers, but is it good for the MLB.

The Downside

The other side of the argument would be to not have the DH come to the NL.

This would keep things the same. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Baseball is a game that does not change a lot. People tend to think baseball is a boring sport because of this. That very well may be, but why change something that isn't broken.

Final Thoughts

I think baseball is in need of a change and I actually like getting rid of the DH altogether.  It makes both leagues have to manage the game better. This also helps during the World Series.

What do you guys think? Should there be a DH in both leagues? Should they keep it the same? Or take away the DH from the American League and not use it at all?

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  1. OK, DH was to help hitters. So, where's the big offensive increase in the AL, versus N/L ?
    If you like the DH idea, why not do this:
    Have an Offensive unit and a Defensive unit (Like football)
    -Roster sizes would have to be increased;
    -Best hitters would Hit
    -Best Defensive players would field

    Give it some thought