Trade Chips: New York Mets

by: Eric Boston @EricBoston3

The New York Mets started off 2018 scorching hot. They jumped out to an early lead in the National League East and had many people, myself included, thinking that they could compete for the division this year.

After all, on paper, they have a pretty good lineup and excellent pitching. It seemed that the pieces were gelling.

Then reality began to sit in.

Now in July, the Mets are only one game ahead of the lowly Miami Marlins who are currently last place in the division. The wheels fell off hard and fast.

The good news for the Mets is that there are plenty of assets they can deal as they look to future contention. Everyone has been hearing the high profile names of the team’s top SPs floating around. While one, maybe two, of them might make this list; remember this is the top three players I would deal if I was running the team.

So here are the top trade chips for the New York Mets.

Asdrubal Cabrera
The 32-year-old middle infielder is a free agent after the season.

Cabrera is having a very solid year for the Mets, slashing .284/.332/.489 with 15 HR and 48 RBI. Add in the fact that he is a switch hitter and he definitely becomes someone that contending teams will do their homework on.

The fact the Mets are struggling, and there are bigger names the team could deal, makes it easy to overlook Cabrera’s production. Trust though that scouting departments around the league see what he is doing.

Best Fits: Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, Arizona Diamondbacks, Cleveland Indians

While the Phillies could potentially use Cabrera at shortstop or second base, the stars just line up too well for him not to go to Boston.

The Red Sox have a rotation at second base, especially with Dustin Pedroia not being able to remain healthy.

Eduardo Nunez and Brock Holt can do an okay job sharing responsibilities, but both players are utility guys whose value is being able to play all over the field and give guys days off. Cabrera would solidify second base and contribute to a team with World Series aspirations.

Jacob deGrom
Here is one of the big name pitchers you were probably expecting to see. deGrom to me is the most expendable of the Mets’ rotation as he has already hit the big 3-0 in the age column.

Even with being in his thirties, deGrom is going to bring back a haul for the Mets to add to the mix of really good, young talent they have. deGrom has a 1.84 ERA over 107.1 IP in 2018. He has also built up 5.0 WAR – racking up 134 Ks to only 28 BBs on the season.

deGrom is the guy who can not only front a playoff rotation but should be available to obtain by the trade deadline.

Best Fits: New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, Seattle Mariners, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers

Is there a scenario that makes any more sense than deGrom moving across town to the Yankees?

The Yanks have a lineup that, while healthy, can hang with any team in baseball. However, when the playoffs roll around, there are some tough rotations they will have to face to claim an American League pennant.

Houston and Boston have dominant pitching and the Yankees will need to pull the trigger on an elite pitcher to matchup. Pairing deGrom with Luis Severino packs a strong 1-2 punch. The Yankees will have to pony up to acquire the RHP, but it will be worth it for them to do so.

Jeurys Familia
Familia has had his issues, but plugging him into the backend of a bullpen should prove to be a wise move for a playoff-bound team.

The righty has a 3.28 ERA with 16 saves in 35 games this season.

While I don’t think teams will look at him to be their closer, there still should be plenty of interest in Familia to help shorten games. That is a valuable tool, especially in the playoffs.

Best Fits: Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies

While there has been plenty of talks tying the Braves to offensive upgrades, outside of third base, pitching should be their biggest concern if they want to advance in the postseason.

Adding Familia in a setup role would be a good get, and even though they are in the same division, I don’t feel like he would cost Atlanta too much. Adding experienced RP on the cheap is always a good option and the Braves are going to need it.

There are more names that I’m sure the Mets will discuss with other teams throughout July. However, I think they should resist the urge to blow it up too much as plenty of their key players are young and under team control.

But then again these are the Mets…you never know.

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