Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to Triple-A, but not for Long!

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by: Ryan Cameron @RyanCameron22

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has been demolishing the ball this year hitting .407 with 11 HR and 55 RBIs and a OBP of .457 in only 53 games for Toronto's Double-A affiliate, New Hampshire. 

Toronto Blue Jays fans have been begging the front office to bring this kid to the show.

So why have they waited till now to call Guerrero Jr. up to Triple-A or even the Majors, and while he's on the DL none the less?

I'll explain what I believe is the reason.

For the front office, this decision was all about timing. 

The Blue Jays have been simply waiting until the trade deadline to move Josh Donaldson, who is having possibly the worst season of his career. Then they would obviously call up Guerrero Jr. once the trade is complete.

This makes sense for many different reasons.

Yes, Donaldson is having a rough year, I believe there is still some value to him though. A lot of teams are looking for a third baseman and the Jays should get a pretty decent haul for him. Let's not forget how talented Donaldson is and how desperate teams are at this position.

Toronto was also in no hurry to call Guerrero Jr. up.

The kid is only 19 years old. There is no problem with letting him play in the minors this year due to Toronto being 20.5 games back of the first place Boston Red Sox. Baseball is all about talent and confidence; they would rather him hit .400 in the minors and continue to build that confidence at such a young age rather than come to a team with no chance of making it to the playoffs and get in the habit of losing.

The end of July is the perfect time to call him up. 

He will get a few months of Major League baseball under his belt and will be able to help this team towards a playoff run in 2019 from the start.

While it's been a tough decision that has gotten a lot of scrutiny from Toronto fans, the front office has played this out perfectly and will be greeted with a superstar in the making very soon.

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