Acuna Matata.....

Photo Credit: Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

by: Andrew Teaster @dateas1350

It means to be totally awesome at baseball. 

Ronald Acuna Jr is among the top young players in the game today. Ever since he came up at the beginning of the year, he quickly became a favorite player of many people.  He earned that by playing incredibly hard and having fun with one of his young teammates in Ozzie Albies.

Acuna was playing great till he had a misstep running to first.  He was out for a little bit but came back playing decently, but not like he was when he first came up.  Then the Braves moved him to the lead-off spot.  When they did that, it is like a switch went off.  He has become a different player.  The last week or so he has turned it up to a whole new level, leading off 3 straight games with a homer and hitting a home run in 5 straight games.  He is the youngest player to do both of those things.

This leads me to his last game against the Marlins.  

The first pitch of Jose Urena is thrown at him and hit him in the elbow.  The Marlins were too scared to pitch to him that they tried to hurt him so they did not have to pitch to him the rest of the game.  Well, it worked but the Braves overcame that and still won.  After all that, he just missed the rest of the game and returned to the hot Atlanta Braves lineup the next day.

The kid is the heartbeat of this Atlanta team and will continue to be for years to come.  If he can play at this level, the Braves will be very good off with the rest of this young team.  We could see something very special out of Acuna and the Braves over the next several years.

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