How Teams Can Still Add Help

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by: Andrew Teaster @dateas1350

People think now that the trade deadline has come and gone that teams cannot make any more trades this year.  This is not true.  

After the trade deadline if teams want to trade someone they have to put them on waivers. If another team wants said player they can claim him, then try to work out a deal with the team that is trying to trade.

This is known as the waiver wire and it goes in a certain order.

There are many different rules for the order.  If multiple teams claim a player then the team that is in the same league gets first dibs.  If two teams from the same league claim a player then the team with the worst record gets the claim. 

After a team claims a player they can try to work out a trade with the other team, but they only have two days.  Also, if someone claims a player the team that put the player on waivers can pull him back and keep him but they can also just release the player. 

If they release the player, the team that claimed the player takes on full control of the player.  This is just one way for a team to add talent.

Another way teams can add players to the roster is to sign free agents.  

There are always tons of players that get designated for assignment this time of year.  That means the player is taken off a team's 40 man roster and can be traded or put on waivers. 

If put on waivers any team that claims that player will automatically add him to their 40 man roster and can decide to send him to the minors or keep him on the big league team.

These two options of adding players could potentially help a team make a run at the playoffs or even help them in the playoffs. 

There have been a lot of good pitchers and position players DFA'd in the last few weeks.  

Teams that might have missed out on some players during the trade deadline can add some much-needed help for the rest of this season and maybe for the future as well.

Do you think your team still needs to make moves? If so what would you like to see them do?  Could some of the big names that did not get moved at the trade deadline get moved over the next month? Only time will tell.  I know this, I am very excited to see what the rest of the season has in store for us.

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