What Are the Royals Doing?

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by: Justin Jones @jjones217

The Kansas City Royals season has not been what they have hoped for. 

They weren't planning on winning the division but they were hopeful they would have a team that would be competitive this year. The only team they have been competing with is the Baltimore Orioles for the first overall pick next year.

The Royals lineup has been questionable all season long.

They have been starting veterans in favor of younger players to try and trade them. That made sense to try and rebuild the farm system, but the trade deadline has come and gone. The Royals are blocking their younger players.

These players need a lesser role

Alcides Escobar has been one of the most confusing starts all season long.

He had the longest active start streak that ended at 421. Escobar is not a part of the future of the Royals, whereas the Royals have other players that can play shortstop in their system. They have been moving Escobar to third base and the outfield.

Drew Butera played first base for the Royals last night which was the biggest head scratcher I have seen this year.

The Royals apparently really needed his .194/.270/.280 slash line in the lineup so bad they opted to sit their three first baseman for him to start at first. This move made little sense to me and has me seriously questioning what the Royals are doing.

Lucas Duda's signing made sense at the time.

It added another left-handed bat in a right-handed heavy lineup and was a cheap contract they could try to flip. They were unsuccessful prior to the nonwaiver trade deadline but still can flip him through a waiver trade. He could be useful to a contender who needs a left-handed hitter.

Give these players more playing time

Hunter Dozier was called up to play first base earlier this year after Duda suffered an injury.

Dozier has had pretty consistent playing time but it has not necessarily translated into success. He has hit a .213 batting average but has a six-game hitting streak going right now. He can also play third base and should be to allow for Ryan O'Hearn to play at first.

Adalberto Mondesi has been getting more playing time at shortstop.

He has done a lot better this time around. Since July he's hit .304/.314/.435. He has been getting more playing time but 14 starts in the month of July is not enough. He needs more playing time for them to evaluate him and for him to develop as a player.

Ryan O'Hearn was recently called up from Triple-A and has been hitting .125/.263/.313 in 16 at-bats.

This is an extremely small sample size but before he was called up he was hitting .232/.322/.391. In order for the Royals to see how he can perform at the major league level, he needs to play in the major leagues. He can't do that if he sitting behind Duda and Butera.

Final Thoughts

The Royals are rebuilding and it is time for them to focus on their younger players. 

By playing these veterans, the Royals are losing the ability to develop their younger players and are unable to see what they can do on a consistent basis.

The Royals need to let the younger guys play and learn at the major league level. It will be rough, but it is important for the Royals to build the next wave of a contending team.

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