A Fan's Perspective of the Twins

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by: Aaron Young | Facebook

Gene Larkin stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the 10th. The game was 0-0 and it was Game Seven of the World Series. Alejandro Pena threw the pitch across the mound and BANG! Larkin hits the ball and the announcer goes crazy.

“The Twins are going to win the World Series. The Twins have won it.”

The crowd goes wild!

That was 1991 and, since then, the Minnesota Twins have yet to get back to the promised land.

On October 26th, 1960, the Minnesota Twins were born. The Twins were named after the Upper Midwest Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. After a relocation from Washington, the team was given a chance to rebuild again.

With two World Series under the franchise’s belt, the Twins in the 21st Century have performed underwhelmingly. 

They only have one playoff series win and that was against the Oakland Athletics in 2002. Between then and now, Minnesota hasn’t made it past the Divisional Series once. It seems the team blocking them from getting further is the New York Yankees.

The Twins can make the playoffs but what is preventing them from pushing the envelope? 

Well, for one they haven’t had a star in so long. Joe Mauer's days have come and gone, Justin Morneau got traded, as did Michael Cuddyer

The Twins starting pitchers are inconsistent with a diamond in the rough here and there. Johan Santana and Jose Berrios are the only two that I can think of who have contributed enough. Everyone else can’t seem to get it together.

Perhaps it’s the staff. Since the start of the 21st Century, only three managers have been under the Twins name. 

Tom Kelly had his stint before Ron Gardenhire was at the helm. Eventually, Gardenhire was relieved of his duties. Paul Molitor took over and the team still can’t get anywhere. Higher up in the ladder, key stars of the franchise are traded away for nobodies. Prospects that are being groomed for the future.

The problem with that is the fans are stuck holding onto a hope that may never come. How can the fans expect anything when the organization keeps making the wrong decisions and mistakes? With Paul Molitor now gone and being replaced by Rocco Baldelli, who knows, a rebuild and success can happen.

 I watch the Twins and, every time I do, they just can’t get the job done. 

Looking at their past, the Twins had three years of horrific play with an average of 64 wins. I’m sure every fan wants to forget about the 59-103 season in 2016. Then they get just enough to make the playoffs, squeezing by before having all their effort taken away in the first round of the playoffs.  

At least they came back with a winning season before losing to, you guessed it, the New York Yankees. I can’t pinpoint exactly why the Twins are unpredictable, but hopefully this new manager Baldelli can figure something out.

Baseball is America’s pastime and nobody wants to watch a team that can’t perform well or isn’t able to fit the bill. 

With spring training in the distance the Twins have a lot on their hands. One of them is the fate of the franchise. Will the Twins come out looking stronger and different than before? Just hold on Minnesota Twins fans, because it’s going to be a roller coaster ride.


What do you think Twins fans? Will the tides turn in Minnesota? Can Baldelli lead the club to a division title in the weak Central with a group of young players? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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