Royals Discussing Signing Heimlich

Photo Credit: John Sleezer | Kansas City Star

by: Eric Boston @EricBoston3

The Kansas City Royals are rebuilding, just three short years after winning a World Series. The team's most obvious need is quality pitching. It appears they are considering a player that many would label the best amateur pitcher in the country.

General Manager Dayton Moore is not a man who ruffles feathers. He has strong, deep-rooted convictions and he his not afraid to let people know. If you happen to have read his book, "More Than a Season: Building a Championship Culture", you would know that his faith plays a large role in who he is - far beyond baseball.

Perhaps that is why when Vahe Gregorian of the Kansas City Star published an article on Saturday saying the team "considering trying to sign Luke Heimlich" it caused quite a stir.

If you are not familiar with why signing the best pitcher in college baseball would be an issue, you can get some background info here.

Gregorian argues in his article for why the Royals should NOT sign Heimlich. That is the easy argument.

Let me explain why Kansas City is the type of organization that should give the pitcher and his baggage a chance.

Even after going undrafted, the belief was that Heimlich's skills were simply too good for a team not to roll the dice on him. It does not really appear to be a matter of if, but when. Actually, a team made him an offer after he went undrafted in 2017, but Heimlich chose to return to Oregon State for his final year of school.

So why does Kansas City make sense as a team to sign him?

The strongest reason is because of the man who occupies the GM position. Dayton Moore makes calculated moves, even though they do not all pan out, he does not make knee-jerk decisions. If he does indeed make Heimlich a contract offer, it is because he has done his homework and feels comfortable with the situation and all that is going to come along with it.

Kansas City has a strong infrastructure in their team leadership, players know what is expected of them and the team gets players to buy into the "Royal Way".

With the Royals, Heimlich would have a strong support system. This is a team that fully backs their players - even if they are no longer wearing a Royals jersey. This is a key factor. In Gregorian's article, it states that "by all accounts, including those of court-appointed therapists, Heimlich has shown no signs of reoffending or been in any trouble since." Moore and company are sure to surround the gifted pitcher with the proper people to ensure that continues.

Moore believes in second chances. A trait that is admirable and honestly something that all of us have needed several times over. He would challenge Heimlich to be the best version of himself each and every day. If you listen to the players speak of Moore, it is always with respect and admiration...they do not want to let him down.

So could this happen and would it work?

There is a belief by some that a deal may actually already be in place, otherwise, why would this information be out there?

Maybe there is and maybe there isn't, but you would think that a team like Kansas City would be intriguing to Heimlich.

It is a small market so the media would not eat him alive, at least not to the extent a market like New York would. The team plays in the buckle of the Bible belt, meaning that at least a portion of the fanbase would believe in second chances. Then there is the question of playing time.

Heimlich could potentially walk right into a roster spot with the big league club. He probably wouldn't, but his ability would, at the very least, be on par with what KC currently has on their roster. It would not be surprising to see him get a September call-up in 2018 though after a little bit of time in the minors.

Regardless of how one feels about Luke Heimlich, if a MLB team is going to take a chance on him it needs to be a team that can provide the proper support. The Kansas City Royals have a leader and staff in place that can provide that.

What do you think? Do you believe that Dayton Moore is seriously looking at offering Heimlich a contract? Let us know in the comments.     

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